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Storage and network administrators face some tough challenges today. Demand for storage continues to grow along with the need for increasingly resilient storage infrastructures to support doing business on demand. Compliance with legal, governmental, and other industry specific regulations is also driving new data retention requirements. Storage appliances are purpose-built devices with unique architectures designed to meet individual storage management application needs. By taking into account the unique requirements of the storage application, storage appliances minimize installation time and ongoing operational complexity of storage management to increase productivity. Storage management appliances consolidate storage and allow storage management across multiple server operating systems and multiple storage devices.

360TB in 4U Rack Space!
Unleash the power of the E60™ extreme density Fibre Channel SAN storage array from Nexsan Technologies
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Actifio is radically simple copy data management.
It replaces siloed data protection applications (backup, snapshot, etc.) with a virtualized solution, letting businesses recover anything instantly for up to 90% less.
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USI Corporation’s Mission: To ensure our customers receive maximum value from their corporate data at every point in the information lifecycle management process by delivering highest quality data storage and backup solutions.

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