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USI can provide your business with sophisticated Data Protection Software and Disaster Recovery solutions that keep your critical data safe, protected, and available. This includes snapshot technology that enables you to recover frequently used primary data almost instantly, replication capabilities that allow you to replicate data to other locations quickly and automatically, and proven backup and restore solutions to keep all your data safe and protected. Together, these solutions make it possible to create unlimited data snapshots as often as once every minute--and recover lost or damaged data almost instantly.

• Recover data from a specific point in time, before it became damaged or corrupted.
• Quickly restore data--even in the event of core operating system corruption.
• Automatically replicate data to different physical locations-then failover automatically in the event of system failures or disasters.
• Backup and recover data completely and cost effectively--with the right blend of integrated disk- and tape-based backup hardware and recovery software.
• Make your data more available by adding intelligence to your primary and secondary storage infrastructures.
• Keep your critical information ready and available--no matter what happens-- with USI's disaster recovery solutions. 

360TB in 4U Rack Space!
Unleash the power of the E60™ extreme density Fibre Channel SAN storage array from Nexsan Technologies
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Actifio is radically simple copy data management.
It replaces siloed data protection applications (backup, snapshot, etc.) with a virtualized solution, letting businesses recover anything instantly for up to 90% less.
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USI Corporation’s Mission: To ensure our customers receive maximum value from their corporate data at every point in the information lifecycle management process by delivering highest quality data storage and backup solutions.

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